Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa 2008

Well we did it. Brady sat on Santa's Lap and was a very good boy. He didn't cry and he spoke actual words to him. He told Santa that he wanted an Elmo for Christmas and he called him Tanta. I love the grin in this picture. It was a pleasent experience. There was no line and no tears. I couldn't ask for more from a mall Santa experience.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting close

Christmas is almost here along with our long awaited member to our little family. We took some pictures in front of our lovely white Christmas tree. The white tree took a little getting used to for me because I am a little more traditional than my husband. I think trees should be green. But oh well what can you do.
Just an update on the baby. Things are going slow and normal. I am due on December 23rd and I think that this baby will be just like his brother and come right on his due date. I know the last trimester makes time go by slower but it's the holidays and this time usually passes by way to fast. So I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dinner After the Temple

After the Temple we all went to the Golden Coral for dinner. It was the only restaurant that we all could sit together and not have to wait forever for a table that big. It was fun and we got some cute pictures of the kids.

We had so many people that the table stretched from one side of the room to the other.

Our Trip to the Temple

We just got back from Utah and had the opportunity to go through the Temple and be sealed as an Eternal Family on November 15, 2008. It was such a special, exciting exerience I can't even put into words how I feel. It was awsome! I have a few pictures of my family and some friends that came to share our day.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hampton Beach

This picture is when we were in the car and Brady was upset that he had sand on his shoes.(He IS his daddy's son.)
Trin's arms were full of rocks and sea shells.

I LOVE this picture. I love that you can see his tiny little footprints in the sand. and the sea gull in the back makes it that much better.

Brady's Blessing

Sunday was a very special day for our little family. Jeff was able to Bless Brady. It was great because Trin and Sam came from Utah for a visit and Sam was able to stand in the circle. I was a little worried about Brady sitting still during the blessing. But when they put their hands on his head he sat very still and kept his arms folded the whole time. It was also very special because Jeff's Sisters, his mom, his Aunt Tricia and her husband, and his Aunt Ellen with her family were all there too. The Primary Program was also on Sunday. It was so sweet and the spirit was definatly with us all day.
Brady really loved having Trin and Sam here for a visit. He calls Trin, "Ninny" and Sam, "Ninny's Dada" or "Am".

Getting ready for church.

Family Kissses!

I just got back from Utah to see my dad. He was really sick and for a little bit we thought that we might loose him. I was so grateful that when I got there he was off the ventilator and sitting in a chair. He has a long road ahead of him still but he is making good progress. He is at the Castle Valley Care Center in Ferron for Physical Therapy. I am hoping that when I go out to Utah again in November he will be back on his feet. Thank you to all of you that prayed for my family in our time of need.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Pumpkin Picking

We went to Parlee's Farm yesterday and looked at the pumpkins, Animals and played in the hay for a little while with Everett and Delaine.

Please keep in mind that I am 7 months Pregnant in this picture and I am not normally this huge. EWWWWW! I can't wait to have this baby. I swear my butt got bigger than my belly so far.
These are the pumpkins that they picked out. They are just their size. We will get bigger pumpkins when it gets closer to halloween.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple picking

We went Apple Picking at Mack's Orchards on Saterday. I took some pictures and thought it would be nice to share them.
Brady and Hyrum rode in the wagon the whole time and ate apples. It was really cute.
This is our friend Jeremy and his daughter Morgan. Their whole family was with us but I didn't get a picture of them all together. Jeremy is also Hyrum's dad. They also have Porter and Eliza and his wife is Marina. We really like to hang out with them. They are fun people.

Monday, September 29, 2008

It never ends!

While trying to post the last blog Brady climbed up on my lap and then on top of the computer desk. It is hard to type when you have a toddler standing on the keyboard.

Out Smarted Again!

This first picture is of my kitchen table. I had to put my chairs up like this because I guess my lovely little boy is in the stage where he likes to use the kitchen chairs to climb on top of the counter. He gets into the cabinets and into various other things that we put out of reach so he will not hurt himself or overdose on Hershey kisses. But I guess it was said that, "If there's a will there is a way" and my son is full of will.
So I took a picture of him in the act of trying to unlock the door to get out. He is standing on a milk crate that is normally filled with toys in his room. Notice the very pleased look on his face. Well he wasn't so happy when I took him off the crate and put it away so he can't use it. He through a typical terrible two temper tantrum and stormed off to his room. I am sure he is plotting a new plan as I sit and type this story. Please pray for me and my loony 2 year old. I am not sure I am going to make it to his 3rd birthday without a heart attack.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Boy Brady

Brady in the car holding his car that he found in the woods and that makes it his favorite toy. I am not kidding we have to take this car everywhere.

Big smiles

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daddy's Boots

This is Brady in his daddy's work boots. I thought it was cute and I love the smile on his face.