Monday, September 29, 2008

It never ends!

While trying to post the last blog Brady climbed up on my lap and then on top of the computer desk. It is hard to type when you have a toddler standing on the keyboard.

Out Smarted Again!

This first picture is of my kitchen table. I had to put my chairs up like this because I guess my lovely little boy is in the stage where he likes to use the kitchen chairs to climb on top of the counter. He gets into the cabinets and into various other things that we put out of reach so he will not hurt himself or overdose on Hershey kisses. But I guess it was said that, "If there's a will there is a way" and my son is full of will.
So I took a picture of him in the act of trying to unlock the door to get out. He is standing on a milk crate that is normally filled with toys in his room. Notice the very pleased look on his face. Well he wasn't so happy when I took him off the crate and put it away so he can't use it. He through a typical terrible two temper tantrum and stormed off to his room. I am sure he is plotting a new plan as I sit and type this story. Please pray for me and my loony 2 year old. I am not sure I am going to make it to his 3rd birthday without a heart attack.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Boy Brady

Brady in the car holding his car that he found in the woods and that makes it his favorite toy. I am not kidding we have to take this car everywhere.

Big smiles