Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cruisin' in the Livin' Room

He is upset because he wants his cup of water. As you can see he already spilled most of the cup on his shirt.
It is never a good idea to drink and drive.
This is wear he sat in the living room for a while just enjoying his bike.

He wanted more water as if he wasn't wearing enough on his shirt.

I just noticed that these pictures really show that our apartment is so small. We are looking for a new place because of the lack of space. Oh and if you are wondering why our trash can is sitting on a case of water. It is to keep Brady from pulling nasty things out and eating them and to keep him from putting valuable things in it. I am sure everyone who has ever had a kid had something thrown away or down the toilet. Which is also why we keep the bathroom door closed.

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Trinadee Grimes said...

Looks fun! I love how he is fully dressed while inside but while outside he is missing his pants nice.